Ronan Engineering X51N Signal Conditioners

Ronan Engineering X51N Signal Conditioners

2 Wire & 4 Wire Signal Converters and Alarm Trips.
Brand: Ronan Engineering

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The Ronan X51N Series process signal conditioners, transmitters, alarm trips, and combination transmitter/trips, feature the most extensive selection of interface modules while providing component/module packaging for the most economical price. The combination of transmitter and alarm trip contained in a single module make this product the most suitable for system application in today’s space-limited control rooms.


  • RTD, T/C, mV, mA, V input transmitters, alarm trips, combination transmitter/trips and computational transmitters
  • On-board plug-in sub-module facilitates change of range or sensor type
  • Convenient front panel access to span, zero, and setpoint controls
  • In-circuit calibration and input monitoring via front panel jacks