Niagara Meters Oscillating Piston Meter

Niagara Meters Oscillating Piston Meter

Industrial Oscillating Piston Meters for Liquid Applications
Brand: Niagara Meters

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Liquid enters a precision-machined measuring chamber containing a piston which oscillates (rotates). The measuring chamber contains an exact known quantity of fluid. Fluid pressure causes the piston to oscillate at its center hub. The measuring chamber is filled and emptied each cycle. The oscillations of the piston are transmitted through the meter wall by a follower magnet to a totalizer or pulse transmitter.

Close machined tolerances between the piston and the chamber ensure minimum leakage for highly accurate and repeatable measurement of each volume cycle.

  • Eliminates upstream and downstream straight run piping requirements
  • Power not required for mechanical version
  • Standard 316 SS/ETFE allows user flexibility with different fluids
  • Mechanical totalizers & pulse transmitters