King Instruments 7750 Metal Tube Flowmeter

King Instruments 7750 Metal Tube Flowmeter

Brand: King Instruments
Model: 7750

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7750 Series – Stainless Steel Tube Flowmeter

These 316L stainless steel meters feature flange connections, all welded construction (no O-rings), and an end to end length of 250mm. A float and tapered tube design provides longer, more linear scales. A 4-20mA transmitter option adds to its versatility.


Overall Length 250 millimeters
Metering Tube 316L SS
Internal Components 316L SS
Inlet/Outlet Fittings 150# or 300# flange, vertical
O-Ring All welded construction,
no O-rings or gaskets
Indicator Housing Die-cast aluminum / powder coated
with chemfilm base (RoHS compliant)
Flange Material 316L SS
Scale  120 mm direct reading, detachable


Capacities Water 33 GPH to 16.5 GPM
Air 2.2 SCFM to 76 SCFM
Scale  120 mm direct reading, detachable
Accuracy ± 3% of full scale flow
Turndown 10:1
Repeatability 1%
Maximum Temperature 400° F (204° C)
Temp F  150# 300#
200° 225 psi 600 psi
300° 200 psi 540 psi
400° 180 psi 515 psi
Maximum Pressure See 150# and 300# SS flange class above
Ambient Temperature -40° F to 400° F (-40° C to 204° C)


Alarm Single or dual, Inductive Slot Sensor
4-20 mA transmitter
Certified Calibrations Conform to ISA RP 16.6
CRNs  All Canadian provinces
Scales Any volumetric unit