AquaMetrix AM2250 Multi-Parameter Controller

AquaMetrix AM2250 Multi-Parameter Controller

AM 2250 Controller for pH, ORP, Conductivity and Flow

Brand: AquaMetrix

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Aquametrix AM-2250 Controller (120/240VAC)

  • pH, ORP, conductivity & flow parameters available
  • Highly visible large LCD display
  • Flexible and easy calibration, including multi-point conductivity calibration for acids and bases
  • 4-20mA process output with range scalling and PID Control
  • Universal mounting hardware for surface, panel and pipe mounting• Compatible with AquaMetrix models 60-series differential pH/ORP sensors, 500-series combination style pH/OR sensors, AS/AM-series conductivity sensors, and most pulsed flow sensors
  • Second 4-20 mA output with range scaling and temperature or flow totalizer output option
  • Three control/alarm relays with temperature or flow totalizer output option
  • Backlit LCD display